”The world is constantly changing” (the key phrase of the BestMarketing conference I attended the other day), we are increasingly more connected, and the technological innovations are so advanced that movies previously labeled as Sci-Fi can now be categorized as documentaries or have the tagline „based on a real story”.

Innovations in terms of technology have the task of making our lives easier, but I strongly believe that they cannot guide us in life. At the core of our personal and professional development lie strong principles that we begin to take in from an early age.

I have recently become a mother, a special experience that I had been waiting for some time with excitement and with the impatience to offer my child the best I could.

As any responsible parent, with a background in communication consultancy, I have started a serious research, to get informed, to be up to date with the latest trends in parenting in order to find the winning strategy to help me raise a happy child, with self confidence.

“Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

Paradoxically, this is not a post about fashion. Nor is it a Cinderella story (gone are the days when PR was the underprivileged sister in the business world). What if we stopped to think… not about de Bono’s 6 thinking hats, but about all the types of “shoes” that we wear every day, at work?

This story is actually a look at the skills that help us go far in this career. It is, from step one, about empathy, understanding and calling.